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Animal Health


NJ Philips Syringes

  • 25ml & 50ml Semi-Automatic Injectors – Metal
    CODE: PAS385 (50ml), PAS790 (25ml)
  • Able to administer a variety of vaccines.
  • Robust and accurate.
  • Quick fixed dose settings.
  • Easily cleaned.
  • Service kits available.

Sharpvet Stubby Syringe

This Sharpvet model has a bigger barrel and a shorter piston to accommodate smaller hands and are equipped with either a threaded or luer lock feeding nozzle. The syringe is comfortable and reduces hand fatigue.

Available: 20ml, 30ml, 100ml

Sharpvet Nylon Syringe

Virtually unbreakable, these nylon syringes have centered tips with luer lock and or luer slip adaptors on all sizes except for the 100cc (off centered). Graduations are etched in black for long lasting visibility.

Available: 20ml, 30ml, 100ml

HSW Roux Revolver Syringe

  • Dosage syringe for multiple dosing of live stock.
  • Metal/glass version.
  • Tensible piston.
  • Whole syringe can be dismantled.
  • Easy dosage setting.
  • Via 0.5 ml (10ml/30ml) or 1ml (30ml/50ml) dosage wheel.
  • High quality for long service life.
  • A design which has been proven for decades.