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Likit Treat Holders

  • The easiest way to start using Likits, this clever toy is designed to be hung freely in the stable from the rope provided and used in conjunction with a Likit Refill (650g), sold separately. As your horse plays with the toy the Likit Holder will move, making them work harder for their reward.
  • Ideal for new users
  • Portable, easy to assemble and use

Jolly Balls

  • Jolly Ball?
  • This extraordinary play ball is not like all of the others. Puncturing & biting will not destory this ball as it does not need air to inflate!

Available in: Several sizes.

Equine | Treats


Mana Pro Horse Nuggets

  • Your horse- always ready to work and eager to please, a steadfast and faithful companion who gives so much, yet asks for little in return. As a rider, you understand that small acts of kindness and daily interaction tell your horse more than words ever can. Manna Pro understands this too and has developed a line of wholesome treats that will help you show how much you care. Tasty and bite-sized flavored nuggets are the perfect way to provide a nutritious reward after a ride or competition, or to simply share a special moment with a good and trusted friend.

Available in: several flavours.

Uncle Jimmy’s Hanging Balls

  • Uncle Jimmy’s Hangin’ Balls are the perfect long-lasting, boredom-reducing horse treat for your horse. He or she will spend hours trying to lick and grab the entertaining ball! Not only is this alternative to the Jolly Ball great tasting, it?s packed with vitamins and minerals essential for the horse’s everyday needs.

Available in: several flavours.

Equest 17% Horse Crunch

  • Based on dehydrated alfalfa, oats, and peas
  • Contains B-Complex vitamins for stress

Available in: 25 Kg treat size

Masterfeeds Horse Krunch

  • Who Uses:
  • This cube is used by owners wanting to add extra energy for weight gain or growth. Cubes may be used as treats for all types of horses.
  • Description: The horse ration shaped like a cube, formulated primarily for breeding and growing horses, or any situation requiring weight gain.

Available in: 25kg.

Masterfeeds Love Bites

  • A wholesome treat for your horse in a tasty chewable cube, full of flavour your horse will love!
  • Give your horse a love bite today!

Available in: Green Apple and Cherry flavours.

Likit Treats

  • Mouth-wateringly tasty Likit treats are designed to be used in conjunction with our range of Likit Toys to help make stable life more fun and less stressful.
  • Delicious formulation your horse or pony will love.
  • Salt and Sweet versions to get their taste buds tingling.

Available in: a variety of colours and flavours.