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Traps & Baits

JT Eaton Live Animal Traps

  • Professional Live Animal Cage Trap.
  • Spring Loaded Single Door, Built of Heavy Gauge, Tempered, Galvanized Steel Wire, Pre-assembled.
  • Packed 1 per Case with Instructions.

Available in: Several sizes for large and small pest animals.

Tom Cat Live Mouse Trap

  • TOMCAT Live Catch Mouse Trap incorporates sleek, contemporary styling into a live catch trap.
  • It blends discreetly into any environment, making it ideal for homes, offices, businesses and other sensitive locations.
  • Its fail-proof trapping mechanism requires no winding.
  • When mice enter the trap, they trip a sensitive mechanism which prevents them from escaping.
  • The trap holds up to 10 mice at a time and the tinted lid makes it easy to monitor mouse activity.

Boothill Pellet Bait

  • Boothill contains bromadiolone, a single-feed 2nd generation anticoagulant trusted and used for more than three decades.
  • Boothill is a highly palatable rodenticide with a long history of proven efficacy.
  • It is recommended to change the chemistry (type of ingredients: difethialone, bromadiolone) and format (pellets, mini-blocks,etc.) to excite rodent’s appetite.
  • Alterning chemistry and format is the best way to prevent bait shyness and to improve bait acceptance during the rodent’s life cycle.

Ramik Bait Bars

  • Diphacinone anticoagulant rodenticide. Ramik Is an economical bait that rodent find hard to pass up. Ramik baits come in several convenient solid forms to suit your rodent control needs.

Available in several sized bars/packages.