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Bridle Parts
Richmond Yellowstone Tie Downs
  • Single ply tie down 1″ x 48″
  • Conway at one end for adjustment and scissor snap at other end
  • Bio-Strap with brass hardware
  • Alligator snap
Western Rawhide Nylon Saddle Buddy for Kids
  • Simply hang over horn of any adult saddle to provide the shorter stirrup length for kids.
  • Fully adjustable.
  • DuraLeather hoods and stirrups.
Western Rawhide Biothane Tie Down
  • Heavy biothane tie down
  • Nickel plated Conway buckle on one end
  • Trigger nap on other end
  • Adjustable 42″-30″

Available in:

  • ¾” (2717)
  • 1″ (2716)
Western Rawhide Nylon Tie Down
  • 48″ long adjustable nylon tie down strap with brass plated bolt snaps
  • In black or brown
Western Rawhide Double & Stitched Slobber Strap
  • 2″ x 16½” double & stitched skirting leather lined with latigo
  • Dyed edges. ⅝” hole. (5103)
  • 2″ x 17″ double and stitched burgundy latigo leather, two rows of edge stitching
  • ⅝” hole (5101)
  • Gives you and your horse one of the best training aids available
  • The weight of the slobber straps assist with the reins to provide instant release when working with the bit to reward the horse for appropriate behavior
  • They also provide protection for your reins
  • Slobber straps are placed around the ring (3″ minimum) on a bit and between the bridle cheek piece and the chin strap