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Ladies Boots | Cowtown

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Ladies Boots

Ok ladies… prepare to SHOP!

We’ve got 1000’s of pairs of jeans, countless shirts, and loads of jackets, sweaters and outerwear for all the ladies out there. We’ve got everything from your basic Wranglers and western style shirts, to high fashion jeans and tops by Miss Me… whatever your style, we’ve got something for you!


  • ‘Western Performance’ and ‘Fatbaby’ collections as well as exotics.
  • Highly decorated 8-13″ uppers.
  • Heels ranging from the ultra low horseman’s heel to the ultra high fashion heel.
  • Toes ranging from the super wide Fatbaby toes to the super narrow pinch toe.
  • Lace up hiking boots also available.
  • Sizes from 5.5-11 B.


  • Western style boots, biker style boots, exotics, Silver Rebel collection.
  • Highly decorated 7-13″ uppers.
  • Heels from ⅞” to 1 ¾”.
  • Toes ranging from the narrow pointed toe to the wide square and round toes.
  • Available with and without spur ledge.
  • Rubber and leather sole options.
  • Sizes 5-11 C, select styles available in 2C width.

Canada West

  • Western style boots, biker boots, Brahma collection.
  • 8-13″ uppers.
  • Roper, western and spur ridge heels.
  • Narrow snip toe to wide square/round toes.
  • Most have Vibram soles.
  • Sizes 5-10.


  • Primarily fashion boots.
  • Mostly 13″ uppers.
  • Higher fashion heel.
  • Narrow pointes, snippes or squared toes.
  • Some tall or short styles available.
  • Sizes 5-12 M.


  • Primarily the Crush collection.
  • 10-12″ uppers.
  • Fashion heels (2 ¼”) and cowgirl heels (1 ⅞”).
  • Narrow, square, snip or pointes toes.
  • Many with soft mesh lining, some with leather lining.
  • Rubber outsoles.
  • Sizes 6-10 M.


  • Primarily the Justin Gypsy collection.
  • 8-15″ uppers.
  • Heels from 1 ⅛” roper heel to 1 ⅝” riding heel.
  • Narrow round toe to wide square or round toes.
  • Variety of leather and synthetic (rubber) soles.
  • Sizes 5-11 B and select styles available in C width.


  • Western style pull on boots or lace up hikers and slip-ons.
  • Leather and man made varieties.
  • Tall, average and short uppers.
  • Low walking heels to high fashion heels.
  • Narrow pointed toe to wide round toe.
  • Sizes 5-11.