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Nag Bag Slow Feeders

  • A horse’s stomach is small with only a 8-15 liter capacity.
  • Digestion is very quick and should ideally consist of small regular meals (grazing herbivores). N.A.G. Bags are designed to mimic natural grazing.
  • In addition, horses produce up to 30 liters of saliva a day, only when they are chewing. The saliva buffers the stomach’s gastric acid and lubricates their food. Gastric acid is produced continuously even when they are not chewing!
  • The gastric acid, if not buffered by saliva, is one of the causes of ulcers, cribbing, colic and many other health symptoms.
  • Equines (herbivores) & ruminants are grazers, so using slow feeders will help alleviate these health conditions and other related problems that have been associated with limited feedings.
Western Rawhide Hay Net
  • Made of braided poly rope.
  • Holds 25 lbs. of hay.
  • Ideal for stable use or shipping.
  • Assorted colors
Western Rawhide Hay Bag
  • 600 denier poly shell with mesh gussets.
  • Round feed hole and inner liner.
  • Assorted colors.
Western Rawhide Aluminum Measuring Standard
  • This easy to use measuring standard is made of sturdy aluminum.
  • It folds down for easy storage or transportation.
Western Rawhide Western Saddle Dust Cover
  • Made of 210D nylon with elastic tape around the edges hold this cover in place with attached carrying pouch.
  • Assorted colors.
Western Rawhide Vinyl Saddle Protector
  • Clear 15 ml vinyl western saddle protective cover.
  • Measures 34″ x 36″
Western Rawhide Durable Cordura Nylon Saddle Bag
  • Made of tough and durable cordura nylon.
  • 14″ x 11″ pockets with 4½” gussets.
  • In brown and blac
Western Rawhide Farriers Apron
  • A pattern that features overlapping leg flaps providing excellent protection to inner leg area.
  • Made of heavy sueded leather.
  • Approximately 27″ in length.