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Western Rawhide Single Rope Side Pull
  • The “other hackamore” is a hand tied nylon lariat rope with ⅝” latigo headstall and curb
  • The second ring for reins allows the noseband to roll across a horse’s nose giving you better head position on your colt or young performance prospect.
Western Rawhide Nylon Side Pull
  • Made of ¾” nylon with 1″ Fib-r-ite noseband
  • Excellent for starting young horses on a bit because the unique construction still allows for the horses head to be turned without serious pressure on the mouth
  • Brown nylon.
Western Rawhide Half Breed Snaffle With Bit
  • Between the hackamore or half breed and the bit there is very crucial area, putting a bit in the colt
  • This training aid does it for you
  • Hand tied nylon lariat rope noseband, ⅝” latigo headstall
  • 5 ⅛” snaffle bit
Western Rawhide Economy Hackamore Outfit
  • ⅝” single ply and riveted headstall with a nylon cord fiador
  • ½” hand braided bosal and a 16′ cotton mecate
  • Complete outfit
Western Rawhide Cotton Hackamore Set
  • Good quality, with a ⅝” double and stitched headstall
  • Pure nylon fiador
  • ⅝” hand braided bosal and a 22′ cotton mecate
  • Complete outfit